Leadership Skills

Prayze Productions provides workshops in leadership that include topics such as:

  • Are you called to lead?

This workshop is designed to help those who are unsure of their call to lead worship. It will evolve around the common debate of whether leaders are born or made and what the Biblical perspective is on this.

  • What makes a great leader?

This workshop is designed to help those who are sure of their call become better leaders in their area of ministry.

  • The qualities of good leadership

In this workshop we discuss the things that make make good leadership. Topics include the importance of having a vision, the ability to communicate the vision and run with it, as well as other leadership characteristics, such as commitment, competence, character, to name but a few.

  • Servant leadership

Whilst servant leadership is one of the qualities of good leadership, it is also a whole topic on its own.  This workshop is designed to take a look at the model of leadership exemplified by Jesus, for the Son of God Himself came to serve.  He was the greatest leader and at the same time the greatest servant of all.

  • Situational leadership

Whilst it is true that acquired leaderships skills can cross many cultural borders and boundaries, it is also true that the application of these skills may differ from place to place.  It is important to recognise that different approaches may need to be applied in different circumstances, based on, for example, the demographics of a place and people.  This workshop is designed to eradicate from our minds the “this is how I used to do it back then or over there and it worked, so it should work here” mentaility.